Children's Services




           Children (11yrs & under)




ATTENTION parents & guardians, 

       Due to a recent incident in which a child was injured, we have come to the conclusion that children of this age bracket are not able to sit and wait patiently while other family members are being serviced. They tend to get impatient and irritable and want to use our premises as a playground and our tools as toys which can lead to injuries. So even though we appreciate you trusting us with your child's grooming needs, we will no longer allow children of this age bracket to wait around while siblings or other family members are being serviced.

                                                                                                                                                      Thank you for your understanding







Boy's Dry Cut (hair must be clean of all styling products & chlorine buildup)


Wash Only


Boy's Wash & Cut


Girls Wash & Cut


Girl's Wash & Blow Dry 


Girls Wash, Cut & Blow Dry


Girl's Iron Work (as add on to blow dry)


Bang Trim 


Tangle Removal


Children's Hair Color


Girl's Makeup Application


Girl's Event Hair


Costume Makeup